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Welcome to Barb's Little Corner on the Web!

Thanks for taking your time to stop at my website today.  My name is Barb Roberts and I have had the privilege of being involved in the lives of hurting people for many years.  I want to share some insights and experiences with you, and have written two books, both on the topic of hurting.  I am available to speak to your group, retreat, seminar, workshop or conference on subjects related to grief and loss, suicide prevention and faith perspectives, aging, death and dying and crisis care (among other subjects).  My blog offers to you, the reader, thoughts and insights based on personal experience and Biblical truth.



With Her Last Breath: A Tale of Suicide and the Hope of Heaven...

This is a book to help those who minister to and walk alongside the despairing and those left behind when suicide invades their lives. It gives insight with a first-hand look into the trauma of suicide contemplation and tools to be aware of the warning signals. Grief takes as long as it takes, and the grief and shame which can accompany death by suicide makes healing complicated, and interwoven throughout are helps for coping and healing. The uniqueness of this book is that it is interwoven around the 26-page handwritten journal, written by a woman just prior to her death by her own hand. Suicide takes hold and emerges through a very dark tunnel; however, God is a God of hope, and there is hope of those who struggle.



Helping Those Who Hurt: A Handbook for Caring and Crisis...

My book recently published by NavPress, will give detailed help.  Follow my blog posts since 'everybody knows somebody who is hurting.' Want help in dealing with an aging parent?...find it here!  Need to know how to help your son or daughter deal with grief?...this will help!  Want to know how to turn a hospital visit into something deeper than talking about the weather?  I'll give you tips.  Have to plan a funeral for the first time?...I want to walk you through death and dying, step by step. 



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