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What People are Saying...

“Comprehensive, street-wise, biblical, accessible, truth-filled, and compassion-centered. Every caregiver, from group leader to senior pastor, should keep this handbook close at all times.”

Bill Donahue, PhD, Pastor of Leadership Development, Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL

“…Barb Roberts has lived the experiences of a caregiver dependent on God for so long that she cannot help but overflow with sound and practical wisdom born of years of first listening to God and then listening to those in pain.”

Dr. Robert Cutillo, MD, Medical Director of Inner City Health Center, Denver, CO.

“What can pastors and caretakers do when one of the members of their congregation has a personal crisis? Grab this handbook as a reference! When you are called on to support a hurting person, you need an easy-to-use reference to remind you of the specifics of serving those in that particular situation…”

Dr. Ruth Gonzalez, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR.

“For ten years, I have watched Barb Roberts help those who hurt. When it comes to entering a crisis, she is very wise. She has raised the standard of care at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church and will help you do the same.”

Dr. Donald Sweeting, President, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

“What I love about this book is that it is clearly written by an expert, but you don't have to be an expert to follow the steps. Regardless of who you are, there is something simple you can do to bring comfort to the situation, whether it is meeting physical needs, encouraging words, or offering Scripture."

Lindsey Ellis, Nixa, MO

"In addition to this immediately helpful information, [Barb] Roberts provides over twenty pages of bibliography, organized by topic, to give readers additional resources for study and preparation."

T.C. Judd, Dickinson, TX

"This is a 'must-have' for anyone called to go into the mess of life with the heart of the Savior so that the needs of the ministered can be met with Christ-like love and compassion. Lay-counselors, Chaplains and even Pastoral staff will find this a vital and welcomed help."

James Hutson, Holly, MI

"I would say this book is a must have for anyone who is wanting to go into pastoral caregiving and a great read for anyone who knows someone who hurts. Everyone! "

Amanda Washburn, Georgia