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Recently I had gum surgery – painful, some bruising – difficult to chew – have to be careful not to disturb the stitches on that one side.  It would be easy when having a procedure like this (and the aftermath and the healing process that must go on) to get so focused on how much it hurts not to recognize comparisons with others who are hurting far more.  In the overall scheme of things, it’s a relatively minor thing, isn’t it?  When I think of others – many others – who have pain (physical and/or emotional) and grief and life struggles, are homeless or without a job, or have someone in their family with a terminal illness, I’m reminded of ‘perspective’.  

In the aftermath of the receipt of the initial copies of my new book – With Her Last Breath:  A Tale of Suicide and the Hope of Heaven – I’m aware of emotional pain that causes one to contemplate taking their own life.  There are many in our world who are despairing, struggling with depression and loneliness.  The challenge for myself and others is to look around – see those who are hurting far more; see those we could help; interact with others and listen to their pain, rather than complaining about our own.  By being one who listens, we can often interject hope into what otherwise may seem like a hopeless situation.

And above all else, remember that we have One who listens to us – the God who made us, Who knows us intimately, Who sent His Son to die for us.  He cares about our pain ---- 

We can take time to care about another’s pain!